Sara Jay at Wrestling Stage.

Welcome 'The Beast" to Ultimate Surrender. Sara Jay with her huge "EE" boobs and amazing ass have entered the building. Sara is one of the most competitive rookies we have seen all year. This girl does not want to lose. If she get your head smothered in between those massive boobs, its all over. 

Samantha returns for her second match up of the season. She is taller but lighter than her opponent. Samantha has killer legs and amazing flexibility. Samantha is (1-1) this season and looks great. Samantha hates losing, more then anything in life. 

Sara's massive boobage and ass was just too much for the little blond veteran to handle. On multiple occasions Sara tried to smoother the life out of Sin with her massive "EE" breasts. The Beast was too much for the veteran. Samantha soon found out why Sara named her self the Beast in RD4. Sara brutally and without mercy fucked the living hell out of the smaller veteran. Humiliated and fucked her hard! Samantha was left on the mat a former shell of what she once was...


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